Pursuit Off-Road
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Pursuit Off-Road

Adrenaline fuelled 4x4 adventures for all ages.

We offer non damaging scenic routes across Salisbury Plain, the surrounding areas, and Stonehenge. We can either escort your vehicle or you can be a passenger with one of our Pursuit Off-Road guide vehicles. Whatever you choose we will make sure you have a fantastic experience.

Off Road Expeditions

All tours start at 10am and finish at 4pm with a dinner break and complimentary tea, coffee, and biscuits, so you can take in the view. Join us on our off road adventure across Salisbury Plains and Wiltshire.

A CB radio is required for the off road tour and can be hired for £5 per day or bought for £85.95 inc. VAT.

Experience the capabilities of a 4x4

Drive your own vehicle and follow us on our adventure, or get a guided tour in one of our own vehicles. The choice is yours so please get in touch for more details.

Vehicles must have tax insurance, have passed their MOT, and be suitable for off road driving.

Fun for all ages

We cater to all ages, and can tailor our route to fit your situation. From young families to older couples we can find the adventure for you.

We will also provide vehicle recovery and first aid kits if necessary.

Our off road adventures take in the iconic prehistoric monument, Stonehenge. The ring of standing stones are steeped in history and are one of the highlights of our off road adventures.

Depending on the weather and the time of day we will make every effort to give you as much time as possible to experience this impressive monument and learn more about it.

Muddy Trails

Off road adventures come with mud, and lots of it.

Book Your Adventure

Book your 4x4 adventure today either via email contact@pursuit-offroad.co.uk or phone 07926 538898

Local Knowledge

Our drivers are very experienced and know the area, so you can get the full experience.

Wiltshire offers fantastic scenery and rugged terrain that you can experience first hand. On your adventure you will undoubtably develop new friendships and treasure the photos and videos you take of your time with us. Tour places are going fast, so please get in touch with us to book your seat, and don't miss out on a Pursuit Off-Road adventure.

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